Catarina Rodrigues
Creative Director

Porto, 1988
As creative director, she defines herself in the restless perspective of an awakened and conscious gaze. This continuous act, almost inhuman, allows her to follow the path dedicated to newness, to experimentation, to the connection between teams and hands that align themselves in the quest for excellence.


Academic training in graphic design an advertising by ESEIG since 2009. Dedicated to creative and art direction in agency and studio environment, she incorporates professionally different themes and strategic values, that go from communication, creation and brand management to the development of methodological structures in the areas such as graphic design, web design and architecture.


Conscious of the world and the contexts that surround her, she lives immersed in the liquid matter of dedication and willingness to fly over consciousness, through the pseudonym awcat . all ways cat the key point that incites an unusual journey, which embraces the power and the ambition to reach so many others, through her unique speech.


Curates herself and the polymath author, MONSTRUKTOR.


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