studium . creative studio is a studio focused on the interpolation of areas such as architecture, communication and product design. Based in Porto, the home for Sérgio Miguel Magalhães.He is one of the most prominent minds of our time, with multiple and original works in architecture, design, webdesign, product design, photography and literature. He is also an avid structuralist, constantly evolving is very specific unified approach on the creation of creative content he called Methodological System.

studium, is also the base for two complementary projects, intrinsically connected to this interpolated view of the creative field : AMMP – brand and management agency and PTMADE – production house; in which are developed specific aspects of the project’s critic and content ecosystem.

studium results from a selection of a professional multidisciplinary team that meets periodically to develop all sorts of projects that assume the mojo an assertive blend of rigorous vision, passion and oddity. Architects, communication, graphic, web and product designers, in a space characterized by its constant criticism on designing traditional models.

a forward loops process . I ́m deeply interested in the process of a project as a continuous loop of forward/backward thinking, the decisions and solutions for several intermediate problems. The systematisation of that process determines the success and strength of the project, something that most of the times is neglected to the end result. These parts of a given process can be identified in two different areas :

01. the people
02. the stages

01 - graphic design and print media

02 - web design, digital content and web structures

03 - architectural spaces

04 - product design

Managing Director
Creative Director
FA&A and Managing
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