GIVE MUSIC A HAND 2014 by studium

Last year was the year to raise up the hands!

The powerful groove from different music styles designed a very particular imagery panorama in this industry. The hand assumed a very prominent role in the interpretation of sound and vision.

The world of communication in this area is changing, is becoming more and more intense on subtle concepts, on the way to express the musician and his message. This reality reinforces the power of new platforms that allow easy music access to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Even our perfect timeline here at studium that can only prove the adaptive way to reach the audience with this new communication concepts.

The lyrics are becoming less important to the broader audience. They are getting more and more similar to each other and artist rely on more easy sounds and words. The massification can easily reduce the importance and the meaning of songs and albums. Why don’t we assume that music is a part of this new product consumption?

We feel the music with less intensity than back in the mythic 70´s rock spirit or 90’s Kurt Cobain lookalike haircut boys. Let’s take this to another level! Shall we? WHAT ABOUT IMAGE?

I think it can prove exactly the opposite of this kind of opinions. The typical 2015 musician, in order to become a complete artist, he has to:

  • design music
  • create content
  • express a vision
  • spread its work on “on fire” platforms such as websites and social media
  • design and live by a self made characteristics that prove his identity!
  • create a easily understood product
  • become visual

It’s going to be all about what music can translate into images: eye closed images; wardrobe image; physical image; show image; cd cover image; tour poster image.

IT’S ALL ABOUT IMAGE. studium too.

The hand, the eternal creator was a icon used at least for this artists:

spoon.they want my soul Spoon . They want my soul

chetfaker.builtonglass Chet Faker . Built on glass

interpol.elpintor Interpol . El pintor

sbtrkt.wonder where we land SBTRKT . Wonder where we land

runthejewels.runthejewels2 Run the jewels . Run the jewels 2

The hand can provide a very extensive range of concepts, visual and material approaches, but above all, the hand proves the importance of being unique; the great sensation of eternity.

studium® is eternal.


Other examples of the interpretation of the hand:


1. Metallica . St anger (2003) 2. Arcade Fire . Funeral (2004) 3. Chemical Brothers . Push the button (2005) . 4. Yeah yeah yeahs . It’s blitz (2009)


Cover © FunGi